"My son is beyond thrilled! He practiced all night. We're so happy and excited for him and for meeting you! "J.D.

"Our experience with Nancy has been nothing short of amazing. She has done wonders for my son who is on the spectrum, increasing his 2-word utterances to full sentences that others can understand, something I wasn't sure was possible! We had been through 6 other speech therapists by age 6. They had all been very knowledgeable and friendly, but there wasn't any significant improvement like we've seen with Nancy. We are so thankful Nancy was referred to us, at a point when we had nearly given up hope. She's engaging, incredibly tuned-in to each child's needs, and produces results!" Rhonda Lynn

"I chose to take my son to Nancy after his diagnosis of Childhood of Apraxia was confirmed. I'm certain any parent can attest to the fact that when it comes to our children we want nothing but the best! I spent countless hours researching the qualifications that would be required to give my son the very best treatment possible. Nancy spoke with me in depth and answered all of my questions prior to our initial meeting. I must admit I was cautious at first, purely due to my wanting the best for my child. It was apparent after the first several sessions that she had an incredible way of connecting to my son and myself. She approached him with ease and helped calm any of my apprehension along the way. We have now been seeing her for over two years consistently and my son who started with her at three years old and was non-verabal is now talking! She has become a special part of our lives and her devotion, dedication and most of all her passion is second to none and I would have zero hesitation recommending her services to anybody!" Juliana Lopez

"Omg just had to tell you that E. and I just did the s blend practice sheet and he did AWESOME! We even took it the next step and made words like "stop" and "school" and "snow" etc. and he was able to do it. I am so happy I could cry. You are AMAZING!!! I know he has a lot of practicing to do as it is rough but just didn't expect him to be able to do it so quickly :) He is really proud of himself too. You are the best!" J.C.

“This lovely lady came into our lives over a year ago. K. has struggled with her speech from the time she could utter her first sound. After a few months of therapy with the school district, and a few heated conversations with the speech therapist at school, I was feeling discouraged (I know so much more now about my rights as a parent when it comes to any school district). What finally spurred me on to sign K. up with a private speech therapist was watching K. playing with another little girl in our neighborhood and what I saw broke my heart. The little girl (same age) got very frustrated with K. because she couldn’t understand her and told her that she didn’t want to play with her anymore. I simply didn’t know what to do. One night while lying in bed and listening to my quiet house, the thought hit me: “Look in the phonebook/Look on Google”. Could it be that simple? Within a week K. had her first appointment with Nancy. As K.’s family, we could understand about 15% of what she said, so you can imagine a non-family member got even less than that. I remember her first appointment, K. couldn’t even say Nancy’s name, but called her “mama”. Her speech started improving almost immediately once therapy started, but my little girl had a long road ahead of her. Nancy was amazing; she was patient and compassionate with my little girl. K. was a sponge that was ready to learn. Now, over a year later, K.’s speech is night and day. Everyone she comes in contact with understands her. After running errands with her dad, my husband told me she talked incessantly to him. That made me so happy. While some parents want some quiet, I love to hear her talk and ask questions! My life revolved around several therapy sessions every month, but it was so worth it to see her grow and improve; to see her able to express herself, tell us about her day, and most importantly, tell us she loves us. Doesn’t that beat all?” K.B.

"Nancy is a true professional in the SLP world and is a humanitarian at heart. Nancy is calm, organized, and smart. She has a natural ability to connect with kids. She also has good comminication with parents and provided my family with education for followthrough at home. I would highly recommend her if you are seeking out a speech therapist." Molly Stauffer

"It's so emotional when you know your child is behind, yet is constantly told "let's keep an eye on it. He's a boy, he's a little brother." And yet you trust your doctor time and time again. Even more disheartening when you go to Child Find every 3 months to hear "He's so close, but didn't qualify again. Do you want to come back and test again?" Of course you say yes, because you know he needs help but no one is seeing it. My son finally qualified for services 12 weeks before his third birthday and in those 12 hours of speech he didn't progress AT ALL. It was the biggest waste of time. I reached out to Nancy about 2 weeks before my son turned 3. I told her his history and she spoke with me for 45 minutes explaining that she suspected that he might have a motor speech disorder called Apraxia, but would be able to sort out what his issues were once she was able to work with him and build verbal output. He did end up with a diagnosis of Apraxia, but with intensive, individual treatment is now talking in complete sentences and is understandable to both familiar and unfamiliar listeners most of the time. I had all this guilt for not speaking up more for my little Whitt. But what my conversation with her left me with was the feeling of, this is who I've been looking for, for 2 long hard years. What Nancy has done is nothing short of amazing.  To many parents, me included, when a parent to just my first born child and who has no speech delays you take their words for granted. But for my younger son I waited a long time to hear "I love you", for him to say his brother's name, for him to be able to say his own name. You take these victories and know how hard both Nancy and Whitt work each time they see each other. But she's not just a spectacular speech therapist, but someone who can get him to work when he wants to shut down because it's hard. She somehow gets him to practice even when my stubborn, strong willed child doesn't want to.  She has changed the future for my son. How do you thank someone when they have had such an impact on your child, and thank you doesn't seem enough."  Tucker Donnelly

"She worked with our son for 18 visits and helped him tremendously. Our school speech therapist said it would take 1-2 years and she had him speaking with perfect "R" sounds in only 18 visits. It was awesome and our son enjoyed going to work with her at her office. She kept it fun and ever changing with sounds and recordings." Michelle Hall


I appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to add your review 


“My husband and I are so grateful for the work and dedication you’ve put in for our daughter. Her speech gets better and better and we’re thrilled!” C.S.

"You are amazing, Nancy! I have so many angels in my life, and I'm so happy you're one of them!!" M.W.

“We will always remember Nancy with thanks!” L.T.

"Thanks so much for making K. feel so special and important. She really adores you. :)" J.A.

"Thank u so much for everything you did for me." K.A.

“Thank you for all you do for my little grandson . . . he sure loves his Miss Nancy.” S.G.

“With much appreciation for your work with my kids! We are so glad to have met Nancy Sims!” A.G.

"We are SO excited to have you working with our son!, and SO happy to have found you - I keep raving about you to everyone I know :)" J.C.


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